Entry Requirements & Qualifications

The Golden Path to EOD School

By the time you set foot on Fort Lee, the Army National Guard will have spent a lot of money on you, with even more getting ready to be paid.  To make sure all of that money is well spent,  there are strict requirements.  Still, those few that meet this criteria have a fifty percent chance of failing the school.  If you don't want it bad enough, if you're not capable of performing the tasks, if you're not dependable...  it is best for the both of us to find out now.

You must first interview and be accepted by the Commander before you are placed in the unit. That applies to everyone, including non-prior service recruits.

If you are new to the military, these are not all of the requirements that you need to enlist.  Your recruiter will help you with that and square you away.  If you haven't chatted with an Army National Guard recruiter yet, let me know and I can refer you to the one that supports our unit. 

Service members currently serving should inform their chain of command as a courtesy. This should be done before paperwork is initiated. West Virginia Army National Guard members will be transferrred to our UMR. Army National Guard members in other states inform their state's Interstate Transfer Coordinator (IST), who contacts WV's IST. Air National Guard and all other Reserve component members must be released and discharged by their respective branches before they can enlist in the WVARNG and be placed in our unit. It is up to your chain of command and component to approve your release and transfer.

Basic Requirements for All EOD Candidates, Revised November 2013
Source: US Army EOD Recruiting & ATRRS Course Requirements

MOS 89D/89E is not gender specific. All qualified Soldiers are encouraged to apply.


  • Enlisted: Sergeant or lower (pay grade E-5 and below).
  • Officer: Captain or lower (paygrade O1-O3). There are no Warrant Officer positions. Also, the company only recruits O-1 and O-2 as the Commander (O-3) slot stays filled.

Security Clearance

  • Be eligible for and receive a TOP SECRET- SCI
  • Have a favorable credit history.  Past blemishes may be allowed if correcting.
  • Must be a United States citizen and not hold any dual citizenships

Academic Aptitude

  • ASVAB - GM score of 105

Physical Condition

  • Must have normal color vision
  • Physical Profile code (PULHES) of 111111 or 111121
  • Cannot be allergic to explosives
  • Must not have any claustrophobic tendencies

Additional Requirements

  • Possess a valid state motor vehicle operator's license
  • Must be willing to handle nuclear and chemical weapons
  • Must volunteer and sign a statement for the EOD program
  • Must perform and pass the Bomb Suit test during training Phase 1
  • Must successfully complete the application and interview process.
  • Must be interviewed and accepted by an EOD officer or an EOD Sergeant First Class or above in an EOD TOE/TDA position in accordance with DA Pam 600-8 and AR 614-200.
  • Must be eligible for assignment to a Category II Presidential Support position per AR 380-67

Conditions When Prior Service Applicants are not Eligible

  • Have previously terminated volunteer status for MOS 89D
  • Are currently under court-martial proceedings, investigation that may result in court-martial proceedings, or suspension of favorable personnel actions
  • Have been relieved of EOD duty or training due to punitive actions, cancellation of security clearance, academic failure, or personal request for relief from EOD.  Academic failure is waiverable.
  • Have lost time within the past two years for desertion, AWOL, confinement, or misconduct (ref. 10 USC 972)
  • Are barred from re-enlistment

Bomb Suit Test

The Bomb Suit Test is designed to see how capably you perform in gear that adds considerable weight, retains body heat, and limits mobility & vision. You perform it during Phase 1.

Performance Tasks

You can expect to perform while wearing the Bomb Suit:

  • Carry normal equipment load for initial reconnaissance
  • Carry projectile (95 lbs) or full 5 Gallon water containers 100 metersthe latest in EOD fashion
  • 300 meter walk
  • Minimum of 15 2-count Push-Ups
  • Check if physically able to conduct search on vehicle
  • Manual dexterity test (one or all of the following)
  • X-ray procedures (simulated)
  • Tie common knots
  • Performed various rope tricks
  • Pick up various scattered coins from payment
  • Using screwdriver, screw 5 screws into piece of wood
  • Make rational decisions with minimal guidance
  • Hear normal voice commands at 25 feet

Mental Dexterity Test

One or all of the following:

  • Time fuse calculation
  • Long division math problems
  • Sort scattered coins by size and date
  • Read from magazine, newspaper, or other material. After 5 minutes, answer questions.

Additional Information from Questions Asked to the Website

  • As of the moment, no waivers are being granted. I do not have any information when and if they will.