WARNING - The locations imaged above can cause failure during EOD school. Use only in moderation.

Phase Two - Eglin Air Force Base, FL

"To begin is half the work, let half still remain; Again begin this, and thou wilt have finished." - Marcus Aurelius

Eglin AFB is right on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida.  White sand beaches, emerald waters, dolphins, honeys (or hunks) on spring break, and being thirty minutes from both Pensacola and Panama City are benefits of living there. You can always make your weekends off fun and relaxing.  But during the week, expect serious stress. 

The week day will either begin with study hall and end with PT, or vice versa.  Some classes will lecture one day, then test the next.  The next lesson may be counterintuitive to the previous.  Using your study hall time wisely is crucial to graduating.  Practice area lessons are always challenging.  Instructors purposely punish mistakes of minute detail.  After all, it could be one little mistake that kills you.  Also, if you can't handle the stress of a test in school, how can you be expected to handle the stress of  working on live, angry munitions?

You will process in, wait a while, then meet your fellow classmates.  Army, Air Force, and Marines all start together in a Surface class.  The Navy stays together starting out, but usually one or two roll into every surface class.  You might roll into a Navy class.  Who knows.  Eight months after you begin, you can feel the badge being pinned on at your graduation, if you want it bad enough.

EOD school isn't too difficult to pass, but it is extremely easy to fail.

The Divisions of the Phase are...

Core 1

"Is it an anti-personnel mine or a sprinkler head?"  The first division you encounter gives an overview of what to expect at NAVSCOLEOD.  You are instructed on math, electricity, physics, fuze functioning, safety, and ordnance identification.


"Smoke one..."  One of the most fun, and academically challenging divisions.  You learn fundamentals of explosives and explosive effects, identify demolition items, perform some demolition procedures, and learn the fundamentals of storage, handling, and disposal of explosives and munitions.  During it's final days, you will dispose of ordnance, including a 1000-pound total shot.

Tools and Methods Division

"Instructor, I have a good galvo."  Do you remember the unique and cool equipment you saw during Annex E at Redstone?  Well, now you learn how to use them.  You set up and get tested on "50 cal", "rocket wrench", and "tape and line" as well.

Core 2

"Mr. J., I can't find Sprinkler Head AP Mine in AEDOPS.  Should I search again?"  The second half of the basic knowledge you'll need for the remainder of the school.  You learn proper recon and research techniques.

Ground Ordnance Division (G.O.D)

"Zing, Zing, Zing..."  Now the course really, really gets tough.  You begin to operate as you would on a real mission, from initial report to disposal.  You will most likely lose at least one classmate, and gain a roll-back.  Like I said, this is when the course gets really, really tough.  Grenades, rockets and projectiles, and land mines are the ordnance types you encounter here.

Air Ordnance Division

Air is similar in procedure and structure to Ground.  The difference is the ordnance.  Aircraft explosive hazards, guided missiles, bombs, and dispensed payloads are what you see here.  The fun part of the division is getting to climb on airplanes. 

Improvised Explosive Devices Division

"So... shooting the HE is a No-go??"  Definitely the most enjoyable division of NAVSCOLEOD.  You'll learn a lot of what there is to know about IEDs, and about the tools to take care of them.  It's the most fun you'll ever have wearing an eighty pound garment in ninety degree heat.

Biological and Chemical Division

There are a lot of nasty chemicals and germs out there, and  many are in bombs, rockets, and land mines.  Minimizing contamination and protecting yourself are the goals of this division.  It is a very enjoyable division.  My advice for the "Chem Walk", hydrate.  You'll thank me later.

Nuclear Division

"I can neither confirm nor deny that I have any knowledge in regards to anything that may or may not directly or indirectly relate to the ambiguous definition of nuclear weapons."  What did you expect... schematics?? 

Weapons of Mass Destruction Division

You'll learn more of the CBRN stuff in this class. 

After you complete all of these divisions successfully, you'll be a graduate of the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and an EOD Tech.  Be very proud of yourself,  you deserve it.  By the way, this school is harder than any college program I've been in.  So after you graduate, do yourself a favor and go on to grad school.  You'll make it through.