Getting Schooled

Phase One - Fort Lee, Virginia

"Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also." - Marcus Aurelius

Your training will begin at Fort Lee in Virginia.  Phase 1 is ten weeks, and it's purpose is to give you a foundation to be more successful at Eglin.  Don't assume it is easy. People fail. There are six annexes taught, and I'll get to those in a moment.  As far as being at FT Lee, the area is pretty nice, Virginia Beach isn't too far away, and is a friendly city with many businesses and restaurants. 


Here you get your introduction to explosive ordnance disposal- terms, definitions, and the basic basics you will build upon the coming year.

Explosives Familiarization

You will never take as many notes in any other annex or division as you will in this one.  Here you learn all of the terms and definitions, color codes, composition of munitions and explosives, and principles of explosive effects that you must know for the remainder of your EOD career.

Identification of Munitions

There are over 200,000 different munitions in the world and you get introduced to a few of them here.  You will learn how to identify their different classes, functions, and fuzing.  You will also learn which safeties need to be observed with each type of fuzing.


We don't just walk up to most UXOs, and we don't want to go up to it more that we have to.  In this annex, we learn how to properly approach, describe, and research ordnance to find the correct procedure to render it safe.

EOD Specific Tools and Equipment

You probably already know what a pipe wrench is, but how about an ARS, EOD 9, or a Packbot?  There are many tools and pieces of equipment that are unique to our field.  The annex culminates with a range day setting up and using your newly introduced tools.


We use four makes of robots in EOD.  During this short annex, you get to play with, I mean, practice using a few of them.

FTX - Field Training Exercise

All enlisted soldiers have to spend five days in a field training exercise near the end Phase 1.  You will go through scenarios along with other MOS students training at Redstone.  The best part of the exercise is that one of those days is spent at the EOD range learning some very useful stuff that isn't taught at Eglin. 

Ok. You've made it through Phase 1 and are feeling pretty good about yourself. Maintain your confidence, drop any arrogance - Eglin ain't easy.