EOD was borne out of the menace that England faced in the first years of World War Two.  German bombs lay unexploded, rendering uninhabitable parts of English cities.  Naval mines were washing up on shore.  A small, dedicated group of British military trained to eliminate those hazards. A few Americans trained with them and brought that knowledge back across the pond. Our ranks grew and our EOD community was forged.

EOD is not the only community we're dedicated to. As Soldiers, we're dedicated to the protection of the ideals, values, and lands of our beloved country. As National Guardsmen & Guardswomen, we're dedicated to the security and safety of our families, our neighbors, and the state in which we live.

Below are some of the members of those communities. If you think I should include someone else, let me know. We don't want to leave any of our kin folk out. Makes for awkward family reunions.

EOD Memorial and EOD Memorial Foundation

EOD MemorialThe hazards of our job are high. It is inevitable that we will suffer colleagues killed, and we do. Many years ago we came together and built a monument to honor and remember them. That memorial is our community's center. Our memorial not only speaks the memory of those who have taken their last lonely walk, but it has the honor of being witness to all receiving the privilege to wear the badge and identify themselves as EOD Technicians.

EOD Memorial logo The EOD Memorial Foundation raises funds through auctions and events to maintain the memorial, host the ceremony, and provide academic scholarships to the dependants of our fallen. They are a registered non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

EOD Warrior Foundation

Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation The EOD Warrior Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides assistance to our Wounded EOD Warrior and their familes. We believe that families are an integral part of the healing process and strive to keep them together during the most difficult of times. It is the generosity of others that allows us to offer "compassionate solutions" to our Wounded EOD Warriors and their families.

West Virginia Army National Guard

WV National GuardThe WV Army National Guard has 38 units and activities stationed in 22 counties throughout West Virginia and overseas. WV Army National Guard hasd units supporting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. The WV Army National Guard plays a key role, in the defense of our country and interests around the world. Together with active military forces, the WV Army Guard is supporting activities as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Homeland Security, and supporting peace keeping missions in Kosovo.

For over 365 years the citizen soldiers of the Army National Guard have come to the aid of their neighbors during times of need. The Guard plays a key role during floods, fires and other natural disaster imaginable. The National Guard State mission involves helping communities during natural disasters and civil emergencies.

If your unit or organization would like to be posted please email me.